Feed-In Tariffs

Now it is possible for ordinary people to benefit from renewable energy solutions thanks to the government incentives that are offered in Scotland, including Feed in Tariffs.

Feed in Tariffs are basically a reward if you generate your own electricity. In a bid to help the UK towards its legally binding target of 15 per cent of total energy from renewable sources by 2020, Feed in Tariffs are effectively an incentive for creating your own electricity and are available whether you live in major cities such as Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow, Livingston or in more remote areas of Scotland.

There are three financial benefits to Feed in Tariffs:

  • There is a payment for all the electricity you produce, even if you use it yourself.
  • You may pick up an additional bonus payment for energy you feed into the grid.
  • Your electricity bill will be reduced because you’re producing energy yourself.

If you generate your own electricity then Feed in Tariffs are for you – it doesn’t matter whether you are a household, landlord, business or an organisation such as a care home or school. Most forms of renewable energy systems are eligible for Feed in Tariffs as long as they are supported by the Renewables Obligation and are in sizes up to five megawatts (5MW). Indeed it also possible for communities to team up and build their own community renewable energy generation schemes as long as the output is under 5MW.

The easiest way to get a renewable energy system and benefit from this government incentive is to find a system provider that can act as an agent and collect tariffs on behalf of the beneficiaries. Bear in mind however, that Feed in Tariffs do not cover heating – for government incentives for heating check out the Renewable Heat Incentive.